5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes With Basic Ingredients To Work On Your Hair Health While In A Lock Down.

Waking up: The first thing you have in the morning is critical for your body. The worst thing you can do is start with tea or coffee. Rather choose one of the options below:
  • 1 glass hot water with lime, after all vitamin C will help us build our immunity. 
  • Hot water with soaked almonds
  • Hot water with 2 to 3 prunes (If you need help with constipation)
Breakfast option 1:


  • 1-3 egg whites with 1-2 blanched tomatoes

    Eggs are good as a hair fall solution when you are lacking in your protein intake. Eat healthy for hair loss prevention.

  • Rock your Pattice game !


sweet potato chilla hair care. It can help in hair fall treatment by providing good nutrition.
hair care oats chilla. Hair loss prevention starts with balanced food intake. Eat well during a hair fall treatment.

Paratha may be your Sunday feast!

  • Multi grain stuffed veg paratha, try to use multiple flours here to up the nutrition level. Add loads of coriander and enjoy with green chutney or coconut chutney.