A Hair Loss Treatment That Also Fixes Your Health!

Stuff can be two things - Jake Peralta

We at Tatva like taking advice from wise people( like the toitest detective in NewYork). So let us tell you how Tatva’s hair loss treatment, not just a hair-loss treatment it is a booster for your overall health. Just like the cookie box in your house and thread and needles (brb, crying). 

Don’t worry. As always we’ll explain with an example - if you had a fever from an infection. And all you did to make it better was take paracetamol. So your fever goes away for a couple of hours but it keeps coming back. Meanwhile, your infection is getting worse and your body is getting weak and you’re probably getting a higher temperature read each time. This is why the doctor gives you antibiotics + paracetamol and asks you to stay hydrated with water and ORS(Electrolytes). Now you are thinking. Yes, I know I have a lot of time to read in the quarantine but how is this connected to my hair loss. Allow me to tell you. 

Most dermatologists will give you minoxidil(or an alternative) and a multivitamin (usually follihair) and send you on your way. And this may work for regrowth as long as you use it but it will do nothing for your hair loss or your dandruff or the quality and health of your hair. That is why we come at your hair loss with a 360-degreeattack plan. Because and get this (drumroll) Hair loss is not an ISOLATED condition. It is your body giving you a signal that something is not right. Just like a fever indicates something is amiss in your body. Like your diet, lifestyle, underlying health conditions, hormones, stress and doshas among other things (turns out hair is pretty sensitive and can take offense with just about everything!). 

       Hair fall is connected to your inner health. When you choose to take care of it then you ultimately enter the road towards hair loss prevention and hair regrowth.

Now I will finally come to the point(I promise!) Here are the health benefits of being on the Tatva hair loss recovery regimen. 

    1. Sleeptacular - Your sleep pattern gets better, much much better. How? We send you lullabies sung by the best singers at Tatva. Just kidding. We give you scalp oil and prana renew nasal drops. Which helps reduce your stress, provide a sense of warmth and thus promote peaceful sleep. Not only that, improved gut health and digestion also contribute to better sleep. 
    2. Energise! - Much more than a can of Redbull or a bottle of Gatorade or watching Avengers ever did. Energy levels are linked to metabolism, gut health, and sleep. If these functions run smoothly then your energy levels are always on point. And lucky for you, our Ayurvedic Medicines take care of all those issues (just like Avengers)
    3. Marvelous Metabolism - Metabolism is the function that allows your body to convert whatever you eat and drink into energy (like an engine does). Also, this energy is in turn used to run your body. Metabolism gets affected by everything (just like your hair). We fix that too. With Health Santulan tablets and our diet plan. 
    4. Go Gut! - We know you have been convinced that drinking sugary probiotic supplements like a healthy vodka shot and eating flavored sugary yogurt is something that will make your gut health A-Okay! But unfortunately, that is not true. (It’s quarantine time so there is no need to throw your yogurts and probiotics out just yet). What your gut needs are something that balances the gut flora (bacteria) and keeps your stomach out of trouble. Hence, we give you Hair Poshan and Gut Shuddhi
    5. Da’best Digestion - Having an upset stomach is absolutely the worst! It is not only painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing(we’ve all been there, it's human). But most importantly, it means that your health is suffering. Digestion is just about the most essential function of your body. And it is definitely linked to your hair and skin health. Which is why all of our Ayurvedic tablets aid in improving your digestion. And of course, our doctors make sure that your diet plan allows you to consume a balanced diet which helps keep your system going. 
    6. Die Dandruff Die! - Yes, we hate dandruff as much as you. Not only does it ruin your black clothes, cause itching, invite embarrassing comments but it also indicates your scalp health is not as it should be. Also, it makes impossible to fix your hair loss(according to research, might also be the cause for it). It is for this reason that it is our primary target. We use our Ayurvedic medicines and dermatological dandruff lotion and shampoo to forever rid you of this demon!

So there you go. When you choose Tatva you get more than just a hair loss treatment plan which helps you fix your hair thinning and hair fall. But also helps improve your overall health. Cause as we said - Health First, Hair Next and Happy Always!