All You Need To Know About The Stages Of Hair Growth

Everyone’s heard of the concept of healthy hair. In fact earlier during my formative years, I thought healthy hair meant a good ol’ champi from mom, shampooing hair thoroughly and the ever so typical - rocking the long locks. 

Then a few years later, the concept of “shampooing your hair correctly”, using a “sulphate free’ & “paraben free” shampoo started taking over almost everyone’s minds. 

…...and lately they’re full blown so called “hair care” routines that consist all of the above except one thing - a legit healthy hair routine.

So what really is healthy hair anyway?

 Healthy hair begins with a healthy you. 

That’s right! 

Adults don’t really fool around the “you are what you eat” concept. It’s proven that for a young person who suffers from extensive hair loss it’s either caused by some of the reasons like genetics, stress, low nutrition or probably all of them (can’t really tell you can exact reason now if you’ve not taken the diagnosis test you know)

Unfortunately some of us who suffer from hair loss especially in India also suffer from too many trust issues about what can help reduce the burden of problem. So here’s something you need to know about it - understand the phases of hair growth before you look for a treatment. Doing this can help you also decipher (with a little help from us) what’s triggering your hair to fall out. 

During the Anagen phase, your hair is in its early stages of growth. (kinda the “new born” life phase till your teens). During this phase your hair grows to its’ full potential and takes place for 2 to 7 years. 

In the Catagen phase, your hair follicles shrink and detaches (that part of life when you finally move out from your house).This usually lasts for about 10 days.  

Telogen is like a rest(cation) for your hair for about 3 months. While some of your hair (usually 50%) has peacefully retired, new hairs (the other half) begin their anagen phase. 

Within the Exogen phase, this old hair will fall out to give way to new healthy hair. 

Now the story is kinda different if you’re going through hair loss. Firstly, hair could be in the Anagen phase and directly skip to the staycation in the telogen phase and conveniently fall off. Then there’s also the aspect of hair follicles shrinking and continuing to remain in the telogen phase because of which most people’s hair regrowth is slowed down. Plus, it has alot to do with the type of hair loss you may be experiencing. Wanna know how? Click here

But all of this can be understood only when you take on the doctor backed diagnosis test in the first place. At Tatva we help you get quality hair loss care so that you are spending your money and time’s worth on a treatment that actually works. Don’t worry, we’re not into that false claim thing anyway. We’ve got a strong (and strict) policy about the guarantees and promises we make. We’ll let you know upfront about what this treatment can and cannot do for your case of hair loss. So go ahead, get tested and treated. 

There’s no better thing than timely hair loss care in a world full of hair fall!