Am I really going through hair loss?

Between the experiences of bustling streets in the morning, noisy traffic, pollution and the stressful 9 to 5, you might have stopped in front of a mirror to ask yourself this question at some point or another. - “Am I really going through hair loss?” 

The first thing to catch is -  the normal hair fall range

On a regular basis, hair shed of about 100 to 150 strands is OKAY. Yes, I can sense you’re breathing a sigh of relief! So if you comb your hair only one time in the day, your hair WILL FALL AND THAT’S OKAY! Usually, hair fall takes place in that manner since you don’t comb it very frequently.

Most of the time we fail to take care of our hair loss just because we normalize it as a “part of life & the aging process.” Sure, its “normal” for a 20 year old to be bald but not because of aging! Hair loss in recent years has increased due to a number of variants but most importantly, it’s because of what we don’t do or think about. It’s a big misconception that hair can “rough it out” anyhow with the life that we live in our cities but that’s almost never the case. The reality is that your hair is screaming for help in the most visible way it can - your hair loss. 

Hair loss is experienced differently by men and women as well! There are specific patterns of hair loss particular to each of them because of the underlying reasons for it learn more. Here are a few things to look for if you’re still in doubt about your hair fall.

Hair loss in women

Hair loss reasons for women are different from men. Understand how to stop hair fall by first looking out for the hair loss reasons.

  • Your parting is wider than before.

  • You feel like your hair is thinner than before. You could also see few thicker strands and a few thinner ones in comparison.

  • Your scalp is more visible than before but your hairline has not receded

  • Clumps of hair fall.

Hair loss in men

Hair loss reasons in men can be out of neglect towards inner health, low exercise, self care and not seeking a hair fall solution. Get a hair fall treatment to manage hair loss in time and for further hair loss prevention.

  • The scalp is more visible than before.

  • Coin sized patches of complete hair loss on the scalp or any other part of your body.

  • Hair begins to disappear on the sides, top & back your head

If you notice any of the above signs then you are experiencing  the problem of hair loss and you should be proactive in solving it. Imagine losing all your luscious, wonderful hair to something that could’ve been solved but you said “NOPE. NO WAY!” Remember, it is much easier to stop hair loss than regrow.

Seriously though, if you’re looking to deal with this problem efficiently, you could visit a dermatologist’s clinic. But that requires standing in long queues for hours together and who would want that, right? But you could avoid this with us! This is what we’re offering you - the best of doctors, an excellent fusion of three sciences & meds that actually work to benefit you.

In fact, whenever you’re free, like when standing in the train or the metro or just while you’re skimming through your social media to see what your friends are doing without you, fill out our diagnosis form. It won’t take more than 7 minutes. And then ...we help you understand your hair loss pattern. In this way, you’ll work on your hair loss  in no time! 


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