Am I really going through hair loss?

My oh my! I’ve probably asked myself this question a thousand times after I wash my hair. 

Do you go through this too? 

So let’s stop and focus on the main thing hair fall

The first thing to catch -  the normal hair fall range

Hair LossI’ve always noticed at least 50 strands of hair fall off when I comb my hair everyday and it has always put me into panic mode but after reading this...I’m not scared anymore!

On a regular basis, hair shed of about 100 to 150 strands is normal. 

(Yup, ikr! It does give you some kind of relief)

So if you comb your hair only one time in the day (like me ) and you notice a clump of hair fall out, it’s okay. Usually, it happens that way because your combing isn’t regular.

Most of the time we think that hair loss is just a part of aging and wait for it to stop automatically. (Yeah, young bald people do exist & it definitely not cause of aging man!) 

The reason why hair loss has become so common now is because we expect our hair to survive through anything and everything! (Literally, women with hair left open in the train. Really?? Do you actually not care about what’s there on your head now?!). 

The reality is that your hair needs help & it’s asking in the most visible way - hair loss. 

Catch the signs

I recently got to know that hair loss is experienced differently by men and women. There are specific patterns of hair loss particular to each of them because of the reasons behind it.

If you’re still in doubt about your hair fall, don’t worry. Try to look out for these signs for yourself.

      Hair loss in women

Hair loss in women

  • Your parting is wider than before.

  • You feel like your hair is thinner than before. You could also see few thicker strands and a few thinner ones in comparison.

  • Your scalp is more visible but your hairline has not receded

  • Clumps of hair fall. 

Hair loss in men

Hair loss in men
  • The scalp is more visible than before.

  • Coin sized patches of complete hair loss on the scalp or any other part of your body.

  • Hair begins to disappear on the sides, top & back your head

If you notice any of the above signs then you are experiencing hair loss. Best thing right now that I’d recommend is to be proactive in solving it. Even when I was going through hair fall, I made sure to act on it before it’s too late. Can’t imagine losing all my hair cause my trust issues were getting in the way. Anyway many dermats have told me that it’s much easier to stop hair loss than regrow.

Seriously though, if you’re looking to deal with this problem the right way ofcourse, (don’t waste your time on anti-hairfall shampoos, they’re not gonna help) visit a dermat’s clinic

If you’re someone who’s way too busy & don’t get a break on Saturdays, it’s better that you go with an online prescription. (Yeah a doctoral consultation can happen otherwise too). And you know...FYI Tatva has got a board of doctors to help you stop your hair loss.

It’s a mix of three sciences that deal with hair through solving internal health problems causing hair loss (diet + nutrient & mineral deficiencies) and help hair regrow with the right herbs & hair serum.

Now don’t tell me you don’t have the time for that cause you can just fill out the diagnosis form when you’re travelling to work (yeah, I did that and it didn’t take long at all!). After you do that, you get a call & all your doubts are put to rest. In this way, you’ll work on your hair loss in no time! (literally, you don’t even need to move an inch) 

Tatva has helped 100s of patients and treatment is customised for each of them. With assistance from world-class doctors and new-age research, Tatva can surely help you.