Consistency With Tatva's Holistic Treatment

It’s great that you finally took the decision to work on your hair loss right in time. As compared to most people who suffer from hair loss in India, very few actually dare to fight it bravely. 

Well, we’re now your armor in battle so you’re definitely on the safer side ;)

It’s time to move a step forward towards your ultimate goal during this treatment but, to do that you need to be super committed to us (don’t worry, our relationship can go smoother than any other one, trust us :P). 

Think of your committed step like this - you’re in a game like PUBG or Candycrush and with completion of every mission in that game, you move closer towards your winning goal. 

We want you to do the same. These months of treatment like the missions in a game, are super important in helping you get healthier hair growth.

Our medical team and doctors, observed that most of our customers begin to see a difference in their hair when they are consistent with the treatment from month 1 till the very end. This means that all components - from Ayurveda herb mixes to the hair growth serum to the entire diet plan that you follow contribute towards stronger chances of getting back your healthy hair.

You might be thinking “Oh well, it’s easier for you to say - you’re not the one on the treatment.” Well, that’s not entirely true. Some of our very team members are on the treatment as well and they’ve seen the difference too!

Is consistency with the treatment worth the time and effort? 

Let's figure it out.

  1. Each month builds better chances

    The doctors here at Tatva, have designed the treatment in a way that has a detailed focus managing each cause behind hair loss. This is what makes us so different from those shady hair loss products in India ;) *flex*. So using the treatment regularly will help manage the causes and triggers of hair loss in each case. Like the air you breathe you won’t be able to see it immediately but you notice a difference in your health.

  2. It only works when you are regular

    Your inner health begins to improve because of the detailed diet plan and the Ayurveda herb mixes (core to Ayurveda principle when dealing with hair loss). Plus, the vitamins and hair growth serum prescribed by Dr. Jaspreet takes care of revitalizing your hair follicles. If the treatment is taken regularly, the effect of all 3 components are constant and help get your healthy hair back gradually.

  3. Consistency goes hand-in-hand with patience

    Progress will take time. This means that progress is subtle and gradual. Some of our customers tell us that they see small baby hairs regrowing on the affected areas of their scalp while some have said that their hair has increased in volume. These changes are different from person to person. But for this, patience is key and it’s part and parcel of the Ayurvedic hair care regime too.

All in all, if you wanna get your hair back on track, keep up with the consistency.