Is Your Stress Affecting Your Health?

STRESS - if you were to define it on this very day, how would you describe it? 

I’d probably go in for something like - the monster who can scare you till your last bone :/ 

Yup, some of us have not had a pleasant experience with it but then again, who does? 

As we move forward in life most of us experience it in different ways - either through work, academics, personal struggles, etc. So sometimes, people rather make sure they’re keeping up with it so that it’s not that overwhelming anymore but just a part of the average Joe’s life. 

Well, when doing that….how many of us actually realize that it’s affecting your health and well being? I’d say...very few.

When we try to keep up with the work, the baby sitting, the household work, the friends and fam and everything in between, it does get a little chaotic (just thinking of it stressed you out, didn’t it? :p)

Let’s talk about how this stress can affect you - both positively and negatively. 

Stress hormones are those same hormones that affect the fight or flight mode. Unlike in animals where this can just trigger them to hide their head in the ground, us, humans? We’re designed a little differently ;) When this stress hormone is released, your heart rate increases, your breathing rate quickens and muscles are sent an alert. This is done as a mechanism of protection in an emergency. This emergency situation can be anything from a personal situation - death, accident to work and family related matters. Now, though all types of stress can’t fall under the same umbrella, some stress is good for health. 

However, if your stress hormones don’t stop signaling your body, that can negatively affect your health. 

If you find yourself worked up a little too much too’ll begin to notice symptoms like irritability (ever just lash out at someone when they asked you about your day? Well, now you know!), depression, headaches, etc. 

In terms of health, it can raise your blood pressure, cause acid reflux (feel nauseous every now and then?), tense up your muscles causing back and body pain, make your hair fall out in clumps and most importantly (atleast during this COVID-19 situation!) weakens the immune system. 

Stress related hair fall is the 2nd common type of hair loss seen in India. It is called Telogen Effluvium, which most of Traya’s customers complain about when they seek treatment. 

How do I manage stress? 

With the type of life we live in India and hair loss being prevalent in about 1 million people, learning to understand it and manage it is growing in it’s importance. 

There are a number of ways to deal with stress.

1. Talk about it  
Choose to talk it out with close ones (and when needed the most, a therapist). It helps release the bottled up feelings leading to added stress and anxiety. Sometimes, asking for help from a therapist too can be super constructive. So don’t be hesitant!

2. Meditation and Yoga
Meditation has a unique power of helping calm worked up nerves. It also has benefits of increasing one’s focus. Simple activities like deep breathing can help do exactly that and enhance a positive mood.

3. Eat healthy de-stressing food
Certain foods have the ability of reducing and controlling stress hormones that linger around for a long time. Some of these foods are - dark chocolate, oatmeal, almonds.

4. Spend some time by yourself
Simple activities like reading a book or taking a hot bath can be therapeutic activities to get yourself some “me time.” Studies say that stress reduces by 68% after reading for just 5 minutes. Plus, spending some time by yourself is absolutely healthy and helps people get to know themselves better.  

Well, that’s it for now. We can’t give you the entire philosophy of life at one go so this was our 2 cents on stress and how one can handle it constructively. Don’t forget, stress also has the capability of bettering yourself by making you a tough cookie, enhances cognitive function, etc. so it’s important to recognize whether it’s the good guy or the bad guy (not Billie Eilish’s song!). Plus, if you’re one of those people who are going through hair loss just because of stress...don’t let it take the toll for the entire body. Head over to Traya. Dr. Shailedra who is a specialist in Ayurveda medicines offers the best hair loss care with 0 side effects. 

So what’s stopping you from getting quality ayurveda hair care? It's health and hair combined!