Just 3 hair products. Improve hair health with herbal hair supplements & hair regrowth serum to prevent hair loss. This hair kit will help manage hair loss.

Starter Hair Fall Treatment Plan

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This 30 Day starter Kit is perfect for the beginner stage of hair loss.


 Ayurveda - Hair Ras 

Formulations made from rare herbs. These help improve hair health, gut health, digestion, and balance your sleep pattern. 

Scalp Oil - A combination of various pure and natural essential oils. These essentials oils are chosen based on the needs of each individual’s scalp and hair. 

Allopathy - 

Minoxidil - Our hair growth Superhero which increases blood supply to the scalp helping hair grow better and healthier. 

Nutrition - This customised diet plan will help you manage your Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and also aid the over all benefits of this holistic treatment.