Health First. Hair Next. Happy Always.

Tatva is about Holistic Treatment. We want people to understand that everything in your body is tied to your health, including hair loss.

Eg. Like when you stay up all night binge-watching and then wonder the next day why you feel like someone twice your age (yeah we’ve all been there).


When Altaf and Saloni struggled with Altaf’s hair loss and realised that hair loss is not just about exposure issues like water quality, pollution, and chemical treatments but also a result of underlying health conditions. They set out to create Tatva.

What keeps us up at night and going in the morning (not Netflix or Starbucks) our mission -

Tatva realises that hair loss is not seen as a medical condition but just a “phase of bad hair days”. This approach allows people to be exploited by companies and commercial products that do as much for hair loss as much as a spoonful of curd works for good grades. We want people to come out of the instant gratification trap of hair fall oils and shampoos and understand that hair loss demands scientific prescription-based solutions along with a focus on overall health.