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Dr. Jaspreet Sarna, MBBS, M.D

A person experiencing hair fall must seek help from a dermatologist as soon as possible to understand the cause of hair fall as it could be due to underlying illnesses, hormonal issues or deficiencies. I always try to understand the cause of hair fall after analyzing the person’s medical history and daily routine. Based on this information, I treat the cause of hair fall here at Tatva.”

Dr. Sangeeta Menon

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Dr. Shailendra Chaubey, BAMS AYURVEDA

Improve digestion and absorption, reduce heat components through a specific diet regime and use of herbs (Ayurvedic Medicines). Nourish the tissues directly responsible for hair production inside the body and externally nourish the scalp and hair through specific (custom made for you) essential oils and medicated hair oil ”