FEMALE - Complete customised hair loss Treatment Plan without Multivitamins

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*No hair vitamins will be added into the kit*

What do I get in the plan?

The 30 Day Plan will include the following : 

  1. Doctors from ayurveda, dermatology and nutrition analyze your case after you order the plan
  2. You will get a call from the medical team within 24 hrs after you place the order. 
  3. A prescription will be prepared
  4. A customised kit with your prescription will be shipped. 


The kit is completely customised. You will get a shampoo, oil, herb mixes, hair growth serum and diet plan. The content of these are decided by the doctors after the order is placed.  

Here is a sample kit of a customer! 

Ayurveda - Hair Ras, Health Tatva, Gut Shuddi, Prana Renew

Scalp Oil - Mix essential oils ORPL - 20 drops, Ylang Ylang : 10 and motia rosha : 20. We have 42 oils listed and the Ayurveda doctor chooses the few ones that will go in your bottle based on scalp type and scalp issues. 

Allopathy -  Minoxidil, Shampoo type A. 

Nutrition - Diet plan for Thyroid and high pitta dosha.

A  comprehensive Diet Plan that is customised will help better manage Doshas which enhances the benefits of the treatment.