The complete natural hair fall solution is an only Ayurveda hair loss prevention treatment. Effective in treating Androgenic Alopecia, Telogen Effluvium. Includes products for hair regrowth too.

Kit for Meena Shah

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This 30 Day Plan includes the below: 

  1. Doctors from ayurveda, and nutrition will look at your case after you order the plan
  2. You will get a call from the medical team within 24hrs after you place the order. 
  3. A prescription will be prepared
  4. A customised kit with your prescription will be shipped. 


The kit is completely customised. You will get a oil, herb mixes & diet plan. The content of these are decided by the doctors after the order is placed.  This kit is 100% natural and side effect free. 

Here is a sample kit of a customer! 

Ayurveda - Hair Poshan, Health Santulan, Gut Shuddi, Prana Renew

Scalp Oil - Mix essential oil ORPL - 20 drops, Ylang Ylang : 10 and motia rosha : 20. We have 42 oils listed and the ayurveda doctor chooses the few ones that will go in your bottle based on scalp type and scalp issues. 

Nutrition - Diet plan for thyroid and high pitta dosha.

Customised and comprehensive Diet Plan to manage your Doshas which helps enhance the benefits of the treatment.