Our customer who followed a strong regime to awesome hair!

For a long time we’ve been hearing that hair loss is a real problem especially in recent years. It has affected more youth than older generations and well, the most important, it can really affect the way you perceive yourself (we particularly hate this part!) 

All this said, we know that there are two likely possibilities for those who go through hair loss -

First possibility, the person would accept their hair loss condition and would rather shave their head and look super cool like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Vin Diesel (*screams internally*). 

Second possibility, this hopeful person begins researching on their hair loss, comes across Tatva (what are the odds right? ;D) and decides to go ahead with a complete treatment. 

On this note, we’re going to break down one of our customer’s journey for you to help you better understand why you should be hopeful about your hair loss too. 

Our 33 year old Engineer suffering from an advanced stage of male pattern baldness has been successful in his treatment ever since he settled on a strong Tatva hair loss care regime!

Customer hair loss care story in India


In the beginning, he came to us with issues of heavy dandruff, a receding hairline and heavy hair loss across his head. On further analysing, Dr. Shailendra and Dr. Jaspreet found that his hair loss was genetic, passed down from his father’s side of the family and that it had been persistent for more than 1 year. So our 3 doctors took a step by step process so that they could approach the problem head first with each issue being tackled in detail. 

First doctors Jaspreet and Shailendra sought to reduce the heavy dandruff in the first month. This meant that everything - from Ayurveda herbs to Allopathy lotions was being prescribed to curb this first. According to both of our doctors, hair loss cannot be solved before tackling dandruff since it can reduce the effect of the hair loss medications. Within this one month, our medical representatives made sure to reach out to him and take regular updates about his progress with the treatment. This information was then communicated to 3 doctors. By the end of this very month, he noticed a big reduction in dandruff which met the first goal of the medical team of month 1. 

However, the challenge now begun - the dermatologist had prescribed minoxidil (rogaine to prevent hair loss). Ofcourse he was a little hesitant about minoxidil (blues of using the internet for researching about literally everything - from UFOs to medicine), our customer was not very keen on using it. At Tatva we believe in having well informed customers on board so we helped him understand what minoxidil actually does for scalp folliculitis and reassured him that we’ll be in constant touch throughout this treatment. 

Did he look back after this? 

Absolutely not! 


Screenshot of happy customer who took on the Tatva hair loss care regime in India

His 2nd month of treatment went smoother than ever. When he began using rogaine to prevent further hair loss daily, took his ayurveda herbs just in time, followed the dietary guidelines, he began to see a difference. His hair loss stopped, the growth cycle of his hair improved and even entered a state of normalcy and most importantly, his digestion was working better than ever! 

He saw his result and wanted to go a step further - hair regrowth. So he said the word and we followed!

Success story of Tatva customer who was regular with the hair loss care treatment. His scalp folliculitis started improving for hair growth.

Currently on his 4th month, he continues to be as regular as he can with the Tatva hair loss care plan (except those 2 times he missed out on his dosages) and has even included some important lifestyle habits like running for 4km in 1 hour, hydrating himself with 3 to 4 liters of water daily and eating food according to Tatva’s special diet plan. What has all of this gotten him? He has begun seeing small baby hairs in the bald patches on his scalp. 

Just imagine, this can be you too! Your effort and discipline is all that counts. With our amazing team of doctors and supportive medical team, even you can achieve your healthy hair goals. Ofcourse, now this is just one of our many customers who have seen great results but do keep in mind that every human body is unique. We mean to say that you hair loss recovery journey may be very different from someone else's so we cannot really use just one story as a measuring scale for success. 

Your success depends on you. 

What have you chosen?

#stopthebald or #shavethehead?