Frequently Asked Questions

Health First. Hair Next. Happy Always. 

Tatva is about Holistic Hair Treatment. We want people to understand that everything in your body is tied internal health, including hair loss.

A treatment plan for your hair loss - One that is prescribed by doctors and perfected for you! It contains everything you’ll ever need to treat your hair loss condition. Read about our kits here.

Unlike any other hair loss treatment, which targets treatment only from one angle. Tatva offers you a 360-degree plan. Combining three sciences - Ayurveda, Allopathy, and Nutrition; that focus on the cause of your hair loss. (it’s like watching a movie like Avengers in 2D vs 3D, you know which is better, don’t you?)

Bonus points - We walk the walk with you. Our medical team checks up on your progress periodically to make sure you get the complete personalized experience. It’s like your friend was treating your hair loss (who doesn’t want helpful friends)

Both. If you have hair loss we’ll treat you! 

When Altaf and Saloni struggled with Altaf’s hair loss and realized that hair loss is not just about exposure issues like water quality, pollution, and chemical treatments but also a result of underlying health conditions. They set out to create Tatva. It was created with a vision to create awareness around hair loss, de-stigmatise it while empathizing with the customers that it has an emotional and psychological impact. Most importantly, to combine different clinically proven treatments and create a perfect solution. (like mixing ice-cream and chocolate sauce, sure they work well individually but when you combine them, YUM!) And adapting that treatment plan to individuals because every case is different. 

The Process

Click and Relax (just kidding, that is kind of true)

But here’s what happens. 

Step 1: We get your order

Step 2: The medical team calls you in 24 business hours (if you are “busy” we leave you a message)

Step 3: The doctors analyze your case by studying your responses to the form and on-call consult (if they have any additional questions, they’ll find you and call you!)

Step 4: They prepare your prescription based on their analysis. They also prepare your diet plan based on what is best for you and your weight goal

Step 5: We start filling the kit components with the prescription given for you (This is done personally by the medical team to ensure the quality -Basically we set up a Chemistry Lab during packaging time)

Step 6: Your order is dispatched (This process takes 4-5 business days, come on we are not AMAZON PRIME)

Step 7: Our delivery partners get the kit to your doorstep

Step 8: Your Hair Loss Buddy calls you to explain how to use the kit to get the most out of your treatment (Told you, we are totally best friends forever material)

By treating the root cause of your hair loss. You see pollution, hard water, and even stress are triggers for hair fall. But they are not the cause. (like eating ice cream when you’re already down with the flu makes it worse but it didn’t cause the flu!). And we do it by tailoring the treatment to your hair loss needs. 

If you can vote you can use Tatva’s products. If you are 18 years old and you’re experiencing hair loss. We are here for you. 

If you are pregnant or allergic to any of the ingredients we use. Otherwise, it is A-OK!

Time is precious to us and to you. Our doctors invest a lot of time on each customer’s case and therefore they require the same trust and commitment from you as they give to you. Therefore, we require you to purchase the product before you speak to the doctors. 

We will let our results speak for us. Take a look at our testimonials and success page and be the judge! But we’ll promise this - Once you choose Tatva we’ll go all the way with you. Like Jai and Veeru(If you’ve not watched Sholay, then that’s on you!)

Just go to - > click on the tab (icon) > click on Shop Our Products > Buy the recommended kit. If you’ve not filled the form you can just buy the customized kit.  

Love and Trust - Just Kidding! We accept Master Card, Visa, Rupay, Amex, Maestro, Netbanking (All Indian Banks), Freecharge, PayZapp, UPI, Cash On Delivery. And what’s best? Shipping is free on all of our products.

Our doctors need your information so that they can create the perfect solution for your hair loss. 

It’s okay, technology is not perfect! You can send us your picture on the Tatva Instagram Page here - or send it to us here on Whatsapp - 9372423943. 

We’ve got you. Once again it’s only a click away. We give you a tracking link in the Order Dispatched email. If you have any troubles just email us at -

Absolutely! You can change your relationship status with Tatva to It’s Complicated from Committed whenever you want. All you need to do is let us know on 9372423943

Yes. In case of any damage or if you want to have the order canceled after it has been dispatched, you can refuse to accept the order.  

Also, we commit to you as much as you commit to us. If you use our treatment plan (customized kit for hair loss) for three months consecutively and see NO improvement at all. We will refund the amount you spent on it! 

If the conditions for return are met, or you’ve canceled your order (sad face). Then we will refund the amount in your mode of payment. The same is initiated in 1-2 days. After the verification process in case of return or after receiving a cancellation request. 

If your pincode is serviceable according to our shipping partners then your customized box is definitely deliverable.  

Yes. Shipping is free on all the customized treatment kits. Exceptions may include single product delivery. 

Please contact us at or leave us a WhatsApp message at - +91 93724 23943.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us at or leave us a WhatsApp message at - +91 93724 23943. 

Absolutely! No one will know that the package contains the BEST HAIRLOSS TREATMENT IN THE WORLD. 

We did think about Pigeons. But they had too much attitude. Now we work with our efficient and swift delivery partners - Delhivery and FedX